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  1. Take a usb-memory
  2. Start gparted (sudo apt-get install gparted) and (re)format it to a

nice clean FAT32. Remember the name of the drive (/dev/sdc1)

  1. Download the ZIP-file from

  1. Mount the disk (for example by unplugging and replugging it)
  2. Copy all the contents from the zipfile to the usb memory
  3. Go to the usb memory (in /media/something) and in utils/linux run:

sudo bash /dev/sdXX (i had /dev/sdc1). Do not screw up!

  1. Done. Unmount.

When you want to boot, hit F12 or F10 to chose where to boot from and chose "usb-hdd".

The actual clonezilla is a nice self-describing guide. You want to work with device-image not device-device. Chose the whole disk (not only one partition). I mounted another usb-drive that had 16gb free. My installation took 11Gb (from df -h) but the image took only 3.4Gb. Clonezilla guides you through all steps. Same with restoring. Cloning to an image on my usb stick took only a few minutes.