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Compatible Hardware

If you want a complete immersive simulator, check out KobraSimulator?. On this page you find more stuff we like and that is known to work with the software.

Haptic devices

  • Sensable Phantom Omni, Desktop etc
  • Force Dimension Omega
  • Novint Falcon

3D Montitors

  • Samsung, Viewsonic 120hz proved to work. Read about XorgConfig to get it to work
  • We recommend so far to stick with Nvidia Quadro 4000+ graphics cards


  • Infinity Digital Transcription USB Pedal. 3 binary pedals. Only implemented in Linux Amazon
  • Behringer FCV100. Works through BCF2000 midi controller using a 6.3mm stereo plug cable. Does not swing back. producer
  • Proel Volume Pedals. Models tested were PVP-16L and PVP-10L but the newer GF series should also work. Works through BCF2000 midi controller using 6.3mm audio cable. producer


  • Behringer BCF2000. This is the awesome midi controller you can use to for example change rendering parameters while experimenting. Interface to forssim through Python module pygame.midi.