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How FsWisdom code works


  • The login window. Quite quickly speaks with !ApplicationNode::RegisterUser(login,pass)


  • on exitX3dWithStandardGuiWindow(): if yes to store data: asks VolumeModel (from forssim standard nodes) to save file, then loads that file from disk and stores it in sql database through !QDataArray.
  • provides list of cases to for selectCaseWindow
  • launchX3D(filename) starts the scene!


  • populates list of cases out of locally stored cases. It asks applicationNode for its getLocalCaseList()
  • getCurrentTimeStampForPlayback() Downloads the selected timestampfile (from sql blob into !QDataArray) and saves to local file timeStamp.nrrd


  • speaks with !APlaybackNode (from forssim standard nodes) and makes it play/pause etc. The playback data (timeStamp.nrrd) is static at scene runtime.