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Windows binaries

This is an alpha version of forssim-0.3 with FsWisdom. Ask Jonas at jonas@… for account to FsWisdom which allows you to download the dental cases to drill into.

Unfortunately you have to install both python 2.5 and 2.7, as well as pygame and pycurl. These four packages can be found in the install/ folder.

Stuff is always developing. Run the case with highest number! Right now the user interface is a combined command-line and web browser. It will be moved to a pure web browser based one. After downloading a case (which is done with the FsWisdom client) point your web browser to the local file forssim/up/html/case.html that will speak http/json (javascript) to the running simulation, isn't that cool! :)

Forssim is open source (GPL) for code. However the models etc that you get through Fs-Wisdom requires licens for serious use. We encourage all kinds of research and development though.